Someone Who Gives You Hope

Just like that!

You meet someone who gives you hope. Someone you never dreamed you would meet. Someone who makes your heart come alive and makes you realize that, yes, there is someone out there for you!

I had actually given up on finding love.

If you have followed my blog for awhile, you know I have had a few horror stories. It seemed like every date was worse than the last.

One day a few months back, I was looking at my life. My parents were getting older, and I realized I have no one. Sure, I have a lot of friends and relatives, but no one who means so much to me that I would die for them, literally.

So I prayed.

I mean REALLY prayed. Long and hard. I asked God for EXACTLY the man I wanted. With tears streaming down my face I pleaded with God for a man who was Godly, who could lead a Godly home, who I could love and would love me and be the ONLY one for me. I asked NOT to date, but to find THE ONE.

And guess what?

Within one week he was in my inbox!

The perfect man. The one who was everything I could ever ask for and so much more. The one who gave me HOPE!

I was in awe of this amazing man God put before me. He was like no other man I had ever met. You see, I have NEVER thought I would meet a man as amazing as this before. I never really thought a man like this was even an option. But THIS man!

We talked for an entire month before we met and before we met I knew he was THE ONE for me. God had placed this glorious man in my life. I was SOOO happy, like never before.

When we met, he was even more amazing than I imagined. How can this be? I did not even know a man like this existed. And I certainly never thought I would meet him. But I did and here he was. God does answer prayers.

So, when things did not work out as I wanted, I took it hard. Really hard.

However, in looking at everything that has passed, there are some lessons here.

There IS hope!

If you have lost hope, just know that no matter what, there IS someone out there for you! There are amazing men and women who are everything you could ever want or need in a partner. Keep this in prayer and they will show up. It may not be when you expect it or how you expect it, but they will show up.

And even if it does not work out, there is MUCH to be gained by meeting them.

You could get hope back and learn to believe again that there is someone out there for you!

You could gain a friend who will see you through your journey.

And you will definitely learn things about yourself and the one you do want and need in your life.

ALL of these are wins. They may not be the end of the story, but they are wins. And you MUST acknowledge them and learn from them.

My journey is not done, and I am not sure where it is going, but I do know I am better because of it. I am also grateful to have been given hope back that I lost many years ago. I needed someone to show me that hope by giving me hope. Someone to show me love by just being. Someone who is an example of the kind of man I want in my life and the kind I deserve. Someone who showed me that I do NOT need to settle (which was never an option anyway), because the man I want IS out there. God sent him and showed me. He DOES exist.

So, if you have lost hope, feel hopeless, and it seems like you will never find the one you are looking for, I am writing this for you. I felt that way for a very long time, also. But what I have learned is that the man I want and need DOES exist.

If you take away anything from reading my words today, my hope for you is that you take HOPE from this experience. I had given up. I spent nearly 10 years not dating much at all. But when I asked for exactly what I wanted, he did show up. And even if it did not work out as I hoped and dreamed it would, it did show me an amazing man, and that gave me hope that my true love is out there. I want you to know that yours is out there, also!


Dream BIG and keep hope alive!


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